Continuing Education webinars for Ohio Construction Industry License Holders

Plumbing Resources 2022

Contact the OCILB for specific questions about your license and continuing education requirements (614) 644-3493.

UpCodes provides free reading access to the Ohio Plumbing Code

Official State Board of Building Standards link for the Ohio eCodes

Example of a research report: Hepvo alternative, waterless waste trap.

Structural collapse breakdown of the Surfside towers.

You can reach Jim Richardson at

Ohio Specific Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation –

Our slide handouts on Covid-19 and airborne pathogens by Robert J. Schutz, P.E.

Recruiting Skilled Tradespeople. We had some in-class discussion about the challenges of attracting qualified staff. Consider getting involved with high schools to talk about opportunities in the trades. Connect with technical schools in your area .
Eastland-Fairfield Technical Schools was recommended.
Todd Hoffman

Technology Update by Tom Lowder

Tom Lowder reviewed some new products. Reach out to Tom for time-saving plumbing products, tools and supplies, including American manufacturer, Sioux Chief.

Tom Lowder, VP
Office 800-221-5650
C 614-361-3632
Lowder Sales, Inc.
621 Bear Run Lane
Lewis Center, OH 43035


Plastic Production Moves to KC , Manufacturing Marvels

More information on Water Softening, Sumps can be found here.