Ohio Plumbing Code 8-Hrs. May12,2023



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Friday, 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM

Morning Session: 7:30 AM to 11:20 AM (Eastern Time)
Afternoon Session: 12 PM noon to 3:45 PM (Eastern Time)

Instructor: James A. Richardson Jr.

Highlights of Ohio Plumbing Code including Existing Buildings, Venting Fundamentals, Single Stack Vent Systems, Indirect Waste and Reviewing Isometric Drawings.

OCILB 190417 Ohio Plumbing Code 8-Hr.
OCILB 190416 Ohio Plumbing Code 4-Hr.
ICC 23693 Plumbing Code 8-Hr.
ICC 23694 Plumbing Code 4-Hr.
OBBS Approved
BI(2.0), BO(2.0), BPE(2.0), EPE(2.0), ESI(2.0), FPI(2.0), FPPE(2.0), MPE(2.0), MI(2.0), MechPE(2.0), NRIUI(2.0), PI(2.0), PPE(2.0), RBI(2.0), RBO(2.0), RIUI(2.0), RMI(2.0), RPE(2.0)