Electrical Code Outlets, Circuits and Feeders 8Hr. June 24,2022


8 Hr. Webinar

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Friday, 7:30am to 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

Instructor: J.D. White

This course is OCILB and Ohio BBS accredited. 4 or 8 hour sessions available.

A course designed to give the learner a greater understanding of NEC requirements on topics relevant to electrical contractors and inspectors.

This is a live instructor-led video class. The course will consist of several 50-minute sessions with 10-minute breaks in between and a 30-minute lunch break. This is a OCILB Fully Approved Webinar which will provide the indicated hours of OCILB Approved Continuing Education Credit for EL Electrical license holders.

When you register, you will receive an email with the webinar link, follow the link to join. We will also send reminders. Please check your spam/junk if you don’t see the emails. Call us for technical support at 614-451-9003.

OCILB 0190477 Raceway Fill and Corrections 4Hr.
OCILB 0190476 Outlets, Circuits and Feeders 4 Hr.

BBS2022-TBA Raceway Fill and Corrections 4Hr.

BBS2022-484 Outlets, Circuits and Feeders 4 Hr.
BI(4.0), BO(4.0), BPE(4.0), EPE(4.0), ESI(4.0), FPI(4.0), MPE(4.0), NRIUI(4.0), RBI(4.0), RBO(4.0), RPE(4.0), RIUI(4.0)

ICC TBA   Raceway Fill and Corrections 4Hr.
ICC 31004 Outlets, Circuits and Feeders 4 Hr.