EL-ESI Voltage Drop 4Hrs. AM May 19, 2023


4-Hour AM webinar

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Friday, Morning Session: 7:30 AM to 11:20 AM Eastern Time.

Instructor: J.D. White

This course is OCILB and ICC accredited. 4 or 8 hour sessions available.

A course designed to give the learner a greater understanding of NEC requirements on topics relevant to electrical contractors and inspectors.

A camera is strongly recommended. Most laptops, smartphones and tablets have a built-in webcam. Please share your camera for most of the session, so the we can confirm your attendance. Check if your device is ready for a Zoom meeting at https://zoom.us/test

This is a live instructor-led video class that is fully approved by OCILB and Ohio BBS and ICC which will provide the indicated hours of Continuing Education Credit.

When you register, you will receive an email with the webinar link, follow the link to join. We will also send reminders.  Call us with questions at 614-451-9003.

Morning Session:


BBS2023-280 Voltage Drop
Approved for the following certifications (hours):
BI(4.0), BO(4.0), BPE(4.0), EPE(4.0), ESI(4.0),FPI(4.0), PPE(4.0), MPE(4.0), MI(4.0),MechPE(4.0), NRIUI(4.0), PI(4.0), PE(4.0),RBI(4.0), RBO(4.0), RIUI(4.0), RMI(4.0),RPE(4.0)

ICC 29997 Voltage Drop Prevention