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4 hr. Webinar

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OCILB Course Number:  0190416 (4 hour class)

by Jim Richardson

Highlights of Ohio Plumbing Code including Existing Buildings, Venting Fundamentals, Single Stack Vent Systems, Indirect Waste and Reviewing Isometric Drawings.

This interactive, video webinar will allow you see and hear the instructor and slide presentation, while being able to ask questions via text chat anytime or raise your hand to ask a question. The session contains 50-minute presentations with 10 minute breaks in between and a 30 minute lunch break.

This “OCILB Fully Approved Webinar” which will provide up to 8 hours of OCILB Approved Continuing Education Credit for PL, HY, HV, or RE.  Electrical license holders may view the first 4 hours and receive 4 hours of Approved Continuing Education.  (Please note this class is accredited for ALL trades, but is trade specific to Plumbing)

When you register, you will receive an email with the webinar link.

You must join the webinar with a device that has a camera, including most newer laptops, smartphones and tablets. You must share your camera for the entire session, so the we can confirm your attendance.

ICC PPP Course #23693 & #23694
OCILB Course #0190417 & #0190416 (Code)
Includes: BBS2021-295, BBS2021-296,BBS2021-297, BBS2021-298, BBS2021-299, BBS2021-300. Approved for BBS: BI, BO, BPE, EPE, FPI,FPPE, LPE, MPE, MI, MechPE, NRIUI, PI, PPE,RBI, RBO, REPE, RIUI, RMI,RPE, RPI
Cosponsored by Ohio Design Professionals & Code Analysts (ODPCA)