Overview of the 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code 8Hr. Feb.24,2022


8 Hr.

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Instructor: Robert J. Schutz

This webinar highlights noteworthy provisions if the 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code (OMC) and relates to those provisions to design, plans examination, and inspection activities. The training outline walks participants thorough the OMC content from front to back as the code book is organized. Practical examples, including “real world” calculations such as the determination of outdoor air requirements and vent sizing, and use of the OMC tables enhance the presentation.

Cosponsored by Ohio Design Professionals & Code Analysts (ODPCA)

OCILB:0190452 OVERVIEW OF THE 2017 OMC 8hr

ICC :23690 8 hr.

Ohio Board of Building Standards: BBS2022-267 : 8 hr. Approved for BI(8.0), BO(8.0), BPE(8.0), MPE(8.0),MI(8.0), Mech PE(8.0), NRIUI(8.0), RBI(8.0),RBO(8.0), RIUI(8.0), RMI(8.0), RPE(8.0)