Voltage Drop 4Hr. Sept. 23, 2022 (AM Session)


4 Hour (AM Session)

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Friday, 7:30 am to 11:20 am Eastern Time. This is a 4 hour session.

Instructor: J.D. White

OCILB, ICC and Ohio BBS accredited.

This live, instructor-led, interactive course is designed to give the learner a greater understanding of NEC requirements on topics relevant to electrical contractors and inspectors.

VOLTAGE DROP 4HR, OCILB 190478  ICC 29997,  BBS2022-278 (BBS approved for BI(4.0), BO(4.0), BPE(4.0), EPE(4.0), ESI(4.0), FPI(4.0), MPE(4.0), NRIUI(4.0), RBI(4.0), RBO(4.0), RIUI(4.0), RPE(4.0))

This session is designed to address NEC requirements regarding the assurance of providing Feeders and Branch Circuits, designed to minimize Voltage Drop, beyond an acceptable level. This course will provide the learner with a set of tools able to be used for prevention and required steps to correct Voltage Drop Circumstances.